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¡The Jew Menace!

¡Pantalones Magníficos!

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Dr. Acula
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I think you can make fun of anything as long as it's funny enough.

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M is for Magnificent
I is for Intelligent
C is for Charming
H is for Honest
E is for Excellent
L is for Luscious
L is for Likeable
E is for Enthusiastic

Dislikes:71: back hair, celebrity baby names like Apple or Moses, vegan cupcakes, fundamentalists, self righteous vegans, condescending people, "web models" who don't seem to realize that anyone can put pictures of themself online and it doesn't make them fancy, actors who name their children stupid things, actors who won't shut up about every little insignificant thing they do, animal mistreatment, arm flaps, back stabbers, bad fake tans, brangelina, children, condescension, fan-fic, fat free cheese, george w bush, having too little vacation time, holier then thou attitudes, hollywood kaballah, huge bushy eyebrows, human trainwrecks, hypocrites, idiots, ignorance, itchy scalp, jerks, jowls, loud eaters, mayo, mayonaise, middle class guilt, miracle whip, my job, p.c. sensibilities, p.e.t.a., paris hilton, people who don't like dogs, people who hate things just because they're popular, people who just aren't funny, people who list 9 million ip terms in their interest list just because they work in the industry and want people to think they're smart, people who sleep their way to the top and then drunkenly insist that they're actually smart, people who think they're smart but they're not, people with no ass, people with no volume control, peta, playah haters, pseudo depth, pseudo intellectuals, puppets, puppet porn, radfems, salt and vinegar potato chips, seventies porn mustaches, scientologists, scientology, suvs, the oversensitive, the way babies smell, things that smell bad, tom cruise, tomkat, victim culture, watery eyes, what can brown do for you, whiners, white shoes after labor day, white zinfindel, Xenu
!parenting, 24 hour party people, 80's music, a-line, air, alan moore, alex cox, aliens, apple martinis, asian things, audrey tautou, autox, bacon, baggy pants, battle royale, bjork, boards of canada, bourbon, brazil, bruce campbell, buddhism, cars, chan-wook park, chaos math, cheese, chinese history, coffee, comic books, cowbell, cowboy bebop, dead hollywood stars, dexter, dj krush, dj shadow, dj spooky, dogs in bee costumes, drag queens, drum and bass, ducks, factory records, fairy tales, fashion, fish, flip flops, fridge, genmaicha, germany, goa parties, goa trance, god of cookery, goldfrapp, happy mondays, healthy butts (shake it!), hip hop, hipbones, history, honesty, hong kong, hong kong gun flicks, hoodies, human traffic, infected mushroom, japanese musicals, jean-pierre jeunet, johnny cash, kissing, koxbox, kung fu, ladytron, lamb, linda evangelista, making out, manchester, manchu hairstyles, mars attacks, massive attack, microraptor gui, mr scruff, mr show, mu-ziq, múm, neil gaiman, nerds, new york, nice one brothah!, nick hornby, ninjas, oforia, parker posey, photography, photosynthesis, physics, planetary, platypi, poison clan, porn, portishead, prefuse73, psychiatry, psychology, psytrance, puppies, radiohead, rally racing, raptors, raves, rock climbing, royal tenenbaums, rubber duckies, sarah silverman, sarcasm, sauciness, science fiction, scratch djs, scrubs, scuba diving, shoes, shpongle, silliness, single malt scotch, skiing, skinny puppy, snozzberries, snuggling, soccer, sofia coppola, speedy j, spicy food, spooning, stealth butts, sterility, sti, strangers with candy, takashi miike, tall guys, tattoos, the cure, the spice girls, trance, travel, tricky, trip hop, war films, wine, wrc, wrx, ww2, yum cha, zach braff, zombies

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